The Cool Beans Team

Sydney Osborne - Cool Beans WebsitesI am a one-person team. I can help you with everything from deciding on a domain name to building a website to setting up an e-commerce site to writing site content to building up your marketing list. I occasionally enlist help from other professionals in my network, but I am the person who will work with you to make your website dreams a reality.

I have been doing web/graphic design/SEO since 2004. I enjoy helping clients with their individual needs and keeping up with the ever-changing world of the Internet.

Before joining the world of web design, I spent twenty years as a personal counselor and course instructor. I worked a lot with parents and their kids, so I’m good at hearing what your web needs are.

I work mainly with solo entrepreneurs or small businesses as you can see from my portfolio. No website is too small. And I am happy to give you the best website that fits your budget.

When I’m not building websites, I spend my days with my husband, Pete, and our Norwegian Elkhound, Eowyn, and our Muted tortoise cat, Terra. We like to hike, scuba dive, travel, and go see local live music. Actually, Terra hates hiking and scuba diving, or anything that involves leaving the house. She guards the home front when the rest of us go on adventures.

I am very person-oriented and my mission is to get technology helping people and improving their lives! This means you!

Please don’t be shy about contacting me with questions or comments.