Content Management System Sites

What is a ‘content management system’?

The most popular ‘content management system’ that you’ve probably heard of is WordPress. Most of the sites I build these days use WordPress. I like it because it’s very easy for YOU to use. If you want to go in and write a quick blog article or change up some of the wording on your home page, YOU can easily do that. If I build you a website, I will show you how to make those types of changes. This means you, as the client, can take a hand in putting up articles, adding pictures, etc, without always having to go through a webmaster if you’d rather not. A webmaster can put the whole site together for you and then turn the reins over to you. All the logistics of the site are in place, like your logo, the navigation menus, the general set-up of pages, and such.

One thing to understand about Content Management Systems (CMS) is that they follow a certain set of standards:

Although there are many different kinds, each CMS has its own standards and its own support community. WordPress makes regular upgrades to the CMS software, which means…

Higher security for your site (meaning it’s harder for anyone to hack into your site) and a constant evolution with latest web technology.


These sites are modular, and therefore have the ability to relatively easily set up secure and professional looking items for everything from contact forms to e-commerce tools to forums and many other things.

A CMS-based site can be changed or added to fairly easily. Because it’s set up in a modular-based template, if you decide you want a completely new look for your site down the road, a webmaster can apply a new template to your already built site. As long as you stick with the same kind of CMS, changing to a new template for a whole new look can be done in a mere fraction of the time it would take to rebuild a site.

Reasons to have a Content Management System (CMS) website:

  • You want some power over your own content
  • You have the need to add content to your site on a regular basis
  • You’re willing to pay a moderate price to get a good professional product
  • You want your site to load quickly
  • You want the ability to update your site’s look down the road so it doesn’t become outdated without paying an arm and a leg

Egads! If you just want a darned website and don’t want to know about all this stuff, then stop reading and go to “Contact Us” where you can call or email me right away. But if you want to know more, keep reading.