1) I want a website. What kind of information do you need from me to make it?

Good question. Here are the sorts of things for you to consider. If you want to bounce these things off of us as well, then you can always call 727-365-7501 or email, but if you like to be prepared before you dive in, think about these things:

* How much do you want to spend?
* Do you already have a logo? If not, do you want one? If so, do you want a different one or want yours modified somehow?
* Do you already have a website? What things do you like about it? What things do you hate about it?
* How many pages do you want your site to have?
* What are you trying to achieve with your website? Do you want to give people information? Do you want to drive traffic to your site in order to get customers? Do you just want to share your life adventures online?
* Do you want a blog as part of your site? Or maybe just as the whole thing?
* For navigation, sometimes only words are used, like ‘home’ or ‘about us,’ but sometimes pictures (or icons) are used. Do you have a preference?
* Do you want a general website or one that uses a Content Management System? If you don’t know what the heck that means, then you should check out our web design page. If it’s too hard to figure out by reading it, don’t be shy. Email or call us.
* A website needs content (written articles and photos and such). Do you have all of these things yourself? Do you need us to round up photos for you? If so, what kind? Do you need help with your written articles? We do proofreading and editing if you like.

2) I want a logo made; how does that work?

Okay, here are the kinds of things to think about:

* What message(s) do you want your logo to convey?
* What sorts of colors should it have? Or do you just want it black and white?
* Will your logo just be used on a website, or do you want it for printing purposes as well?
* Do you want to come across conservatively, playfully, crazily, or what?
* Feel free to give us any rough sketches you may have.

3) I have a website, but no one seems to find it. Can you help me?

Absolutely. There are many factors that go into why your site is or isn’t being found, and how that can be improved. Figuring all this out and fixing it is called Search Engine Optimization. The first thing to do is give your site a thorough looking over to determine what needs doing. We do a basic review of your site and can put together a program to get it going in a better direction.

4) I want to spiff up my social media stuff (things like Facebook and Twitter). Can you help me with that?

You bet. The whole point of social media is to get you networked into the web so you reach your target audience, whoever that may be. I can integrate your website with your social media, get links to any social media put onto your website. I don’t post on your social media sites, but if you have an office assistant that could do that for you, I’m happy to train him or her.