Web Hosting

We love giving websites a warm, friendly home to live in. Yeah, we know there are lots of web hosting choices out there, and maybe you already love your hosting provider. If so, that’s great. There are many wonderful hosting providers out there.

Here’s why Cool Beans Websites is a good web hosting choice:

The websites we care for live in the Amazon Cloud. This means you don’t have to worry about server hardware going bad and resulting in a catastrophic loss of your websites.

Bonus #1: All hosting accounts include weekly and monthly backups of your site! AND backups to an offsite location, in the rare case disaster hits. For you techies who want to manage the back ends of your own sites, we use cPanel for all our hosting.

Bonus #2: If you host with Cool Beans Websites, you will be provided with an Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. In simple terms, this is security technology to establish an encrypted link between your website and the people viewing it. Search engines (like Google and Bing) place a lot of importance on having this certification. And many browsers will block your site from users if you don’t have this certificate. Many hosting providers charge $75 or more per year for an SSL Certificate. But this Certificate is included in Cool Beans hosting at no extra charge.

If your site already lives somewhere else, and you’d like to move it to our servers, we will handle all the getting-it-moved details so you don’t have to.

Website Hosting Fees | For Sites up to 10GB!*

1 Month


0% Discount

3 Months


10% Discount

6 Months


15% Discount

1 Year


20% Discount

For sites larger than 10GB contact us for a quote*


Just contact us if you are interested in moving your hosting over to Cool Beans Websites.